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Make your Wedding Day with Dance from Arthur Murray…

Calling all Brides and Grooms

Love & MarriageYou’ve plotted a stellar culinary event for your big day. Your flowers are chic, your dress divine, every detail has been attended to with utmost care. The lights dim, the music begins, and all eyes are upon you – the elegant bride and groom – as you prepare to sail across the dance floor like Gene Kelly and Fred Astair.

Your first dance as husband and wife should be a moment that you can both cherish for the rest of your lives. You and your new husband, swaying together to your favorite song, kicking off the festivities for friends and family…

Apr_AM_loresOk, reality check time, for most of you – without at least a few lessons under your belt, the first dance will be awkward, stressful, and maybe just a little bit clumsy. Let’s face it, how often do couples actually get the opportunity to hold each other and dance romantically? It’s kind of a lost art…but not at Arthur Murray!

In just a few short weeks, we can have you and your betrothed feeling glamorous, confident and smooth on the dance floor! We usually recommend getting a 3-6 month head start so you have enough time to dance the way you want to, but even if the big day is swiftly approaching, give us a call and we can help!!!

Print our coupon for a FREE introductory dance and dazzle your guests with show-stopping dance to remember.