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Ringing in the New Year with Great Dates for 2012!

Join us for a fantastic year in 2012 and enjoy the social and health benefits of dance! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store:

  • Jan. 9-11 coaching with Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine and  Lianna Churilova
  • Jan. 30 & 31 coaching with Agnes Kazmierczak
  • Feb. 15th &16th coaching with Urs Geisenhainer
  • Feb. 25th Medal Ball in Plainfield. Dinner, dancing and celebration to follow at the Amway Grand Plaza.  Bob Long is the judge.  He is in for a day of coaching on the 24th.
  • March 7-9 coaching with Snow Urbin
  • March 21-25th New York Dance-o-Rama
  • March 28th-30th coaching with Bob Powers
  • April 4th is the Worldwide 24-hour 100 year Anniversary Celebration.  Join us to celebrate the anniversary on Mr. Murray’s birthday at the JW Marriott.  A night of spotlights is in store, with dance competitions like Peabody, the Twist, Charleston, Lindy, Electric Slide and more! Stay tuned for details to get in sync for a Global blast!
  • April 27th Dancing for a VARI Good Cause, with a special performance by John Roberts and special guest TBA.
  • May 20th Showcase at JW Marriott