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Save The Date For A Very Special Evening Guest Party Nov. 13

Nov. 13th- 100th Anniversary Guest Party 6:30-7:30.

We’ve enjoyed an excellent year of Anniversary celebrations at our Grand Rapids dance studios, but save the date for one more “last hurrah” before our centennial draws to a close!

If you haven’t invited guests to experience the fun, fitness and social savvy of dance a la Arthur Murray, here’s your chance.

Mr. Murray revolutionized social dancing when he began his franchised dance studios in 1912. He was the first to realize the growing popularity of the Latin dances in America during the 1950′s. Many conventions were held in Cuba during that time to give Arthur Murray dance trainers first-hand knowledge of the hot new Latin styles and moves that were in vogue and becoming popular. Bring your guests to experience the results of this social visionary, and introduce them to a new and healthy pastime!